Basic question - Remove black background and mask out areas I want to include

fxhomer96672 Posts: 2 Just Starting Out

OK, new to Imerge and having a very simple problem to understand how to remove black background. Should be easy.

I'm using Remove Stock Background with Balance -99 which does a good job outlining my subject except it masks some non masked areas (which are black) inside the subject mask. e.g. woman holding black purse on black background. I want to include the purse in my final mask.

So I thought masking the Remove Stock Background effect would be the solution, (i.e. turning the selection part white) but that does not work as I thought. It only will add to the black removal in the opposite of what I want. Inverting the brush mask does not work.

So I must be approaching this wrong.

How do I do this simple task?




  • fxhomer96672
    fxhomer96672 Posts: 2 Just Starting Out
    Ok, no need to comment. I figured out how to apply a mask.
    However, if there are other ways to deal with black backgrounds I would like to hear.
  • SamuelMorris
    SamuelMorris Staff Posts: 91 Staff

    Hi @fxhomer96672 , I'm glad you figured out how to do it. With black backgrounds there's a few ways I can think of to do it. Remove Stack Background is probably your best bet if the background is completely black. If the background is just dark, you might want to try Luminance Key which gives you more control over the range of tones to remove. There's also the Image Luminance mask, which gives you good control over the tones to remove, but lacks some of the nicer features of Luminance Key.

    If the asset you want to use is meant to be an overlay, like clouds or smoke or something similar, possibly the easiest thing to do is just change the blend mode to "Screen".