Best place to get weapon props?

ScottReid Posts: 145 Enthusiast

Been poking around the internet looking for knife/machete/sword props and been a bit disappointed in my search in particular for machetes.

Anyone got a solid source for these kind of props you'd be willing to share with the community?


  • tddavis
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    @ScottReid I have no direct links, but I would be sure to look at Hallowe'en costume/accessories stores. I've gotten some props from those before. Hope you find what you need there.

  • DataDesign
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    If you are willing to do a little tweaking, you can get plastic guns and knives at the dollar store or at Walmart (assuming you are in the USA) and use flat black spray paint on the guns and silver on the knives. I got a gun that shoots little plastic things the size of a BB, from a garage sale and painted it and it looks good on video. Plenty of do it yourself videos on YouTube. As a matter of fact FxHome has one or two from when they made the Rebellion videos.