What other programs do I need?

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I bought HitFilm Pro in 2013 and used it for a couple of years until I got seriously ill for years. Since new computers struggle with older programs, I decided to start with HitFilm Express and I am looking forward to work in it.

I have learnt a lot from watching YouTube about film editing, but since I have been absent for a while I wonder if I need to or if it is wise, to buy additional programs, like Adobe After Effects and/or Adobe Premiere.

OR do HitFilm Express cover all / most of the features that these kinds of programs have?

I am happy for answers from more experienced filmmakers. πŸ˜€


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    So, rather than update your Hitfilm PRO to the current version you've moved to the free Express?

    Hitfilm Express doesn't have nearly all the features of AE. Even Pro doesn't have all the features of AE. Then again, AE doesn't have all the features of Hitfilm Pro. A side by side comparison won't be forthcoming because these programs all have literally, thousands of features. The single most significant feature AE has that Hitfilm doesn't is scripting. The most significant features Hitfilm Pro has lacking from AE are 3D model import and the Particle Sim. Ae can ADD those features, but Element 3D is $200 (and can run in Hitfilm) while Trapcode Particular is $500. The 3D model and Particle Sim add-ons for Hitfilm are much less.

    My personal suggestion/opinion is no one should get Premiere/After Effects unless they are a working artist or seriously trying to become a working artist. You do not BUY Adobe software, you RENT it. As soon as you stop paying, they shut off your software. On the other hand, your 2013 copy of Hitfilm 3 Pro will still run today. You BOUGHT it.

    For now, stick with Express. Learn that and see where you run up against its limits. You can optionally buy Express add-ons or move to Pro at a later time, but, unless VFX is your job or job goal, learn and get comfortable on the free stuff before committing to spending money.


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    [{"insert":"Hello Triem23,\nThank you for your quick response!\nI checked a while back about upgrading my Hitfilm PRO, but the cost was just as much as buying a new version - so I postponed it. I will see how much Hitfilm Express will cover my needs before I invest a lot more. \nI totally agree with you! I avoid programs that I have to rent as much as I can. My Norwegian culture is based on ownership, not rentals. You pay so much more to rent and as you say if you stop renting, you cannot use something you might have got of experience with. "},{"insert":{"emoji":{"emojiChar":"😐️"}}},{"insert":"\nI am far from professional but also a bit more than an amateur. So far I call it a hobby, but I believe this will develop into something more when I restart my projects from earlier and add many ideas I have.\nThank you for your good guidance, I really appreciate it! "},{"insert":{"emoji":{"emojiChar":"πŸ˜„"}}},{"insert":"\nSidsel\n"}]
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    Hi Triem23.

    By the way, the old version I have is Hitfilm 2 Ultimate. I tried to re-install it on my Laptop that I bought 2-3 years ago, but it worked so slow and was hanging a lot. I gave up and removed the program. All I have left on the computer I have now is the License file of 08-07-2013. However, I believe they can find my old account if needed.