[ENHANCEMENT] VEGAS to Hitfilm/VE Multi-Compositing

Hictor Posts: 380 Enthusiast

Wasn't sure how to title this.

So in VEGAS, when right clicking to edit a clip/event in hitfilm/vegas effects:

If I wanted to do this multiple times across the timeline, I would have to either (A) close one instance of Hitfilm/VE to allow it to open another one or (B) Edit these multiple clips on Hitfilm/VE, saving them as different projects and dragging them into VEGAS. In the case of VE, I just swap the composites marked as primary for Integration.

My suggestion: Get VEGAS to ask Hitfilm/VE to create a composite for each time the "Edit in Hitfilm/VE" button is triggered inside the same project. Then, either the user will have to use the "Save As..." for each primary integration composite OR just give the user the option to update all the composites in one massive swoop.

The whole idea of editing a composite in sperate instances is soooo time consuming. I'm surprised Adobe STILL hasn't improved this in their Premiere/AE integration.

Can we lead on this?