Highlighting effect to make a small drone more visible

I have some footage of a small drone flying around an environment. Due to the fast speed and small size of the drone, it is often difficult to see the drone. Can anyone recommend a technique to make the drone more visible on the screen? Is it possible to do something like mouse pointer trails in Hitfilm? Or having a glow effect that follows the drone? I think the problem I am going to have is that using Hitfilm tracking will be difficult as the drone is often too small and not distinct enough compared to the background.

(FYI - I am doing a followup video of my drone factory tour video, this time using CCTV footage that shows the drone flying through the factory. https://community.fxhome.com/discussion/comment/163110 )

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  • Andy001z
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    One option is to duplicate the footage, set a track on your drone (put track data to a point) then make a mask around the drone and have it track to the point. Then you can play with applying some grades or effects (try outer glow, trails or maybe even just make the footage brighter.

    Good luck.