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I want to reveal a text when many pictures arranged in the form of alphabets fades out at a position similar to the Star Wars title text effect but the text covered with pictures.

In Marvel Studios Intro Animation the set of pictures keep changing as a slide show and then what I want to do is these pictures will move back revealing them arranged in the form of the alphabets and they lose their opacity to reveal the text"Ganga TV"

Is there a name to this effect.This is common in Goodness TV logo animation.


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    @rbfxhome My take on this would be to do the "flip pictures effect" from a Marvel type intro. As that moves back in the frame, use the Set Matte effect to reveal the logo shape with the pics inside, then crossfade to the full logo. This will take several individual comp shots combined together. Also search YouTube for tutorials on making a Marvel Intro. Most use other software to achieve the effect, but the techniques can be translated to HF.

    Here are a couple of HF specific tutorials that might help you get started.

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    @FilmGuru_JI it depends on which version of the Marvel intro you want to do (since there are at least 8 variations).

    If you're trying to do one of the early/simple versions where it's basically page flipping as a camera pulls straight back and a slightly extruded logo fades to pure white, yes, that can be done in Express with no add-ons. If you're looking at a fancier version where the camera flies around inside a giant Marvel logo with movies projected on the walls, then the way to do it in Express with no add ons is to do the entire thing in Blender... (so, no).

    I did this all in Hitfilm. I used a 3D extrusion effect, which is an add on, but the 3D extrusion could be replaced with Parallax, which is not an add-on. In retrospect I shouldn't have let the background layers keep lighting the logo and let it go to pure white, but, in 2015, I liked it.