Can I share workspaces?

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I've setup some custom workspaces in Hitfilm Express and was wondering if I could share those with other users? I think I found the location of the workspace files (C:\ProgramData\FXHOME\HitFilm Express\Templates\Workspaces) but the custom ones have gibberish names like "3ff711d7-8290-4d1b-9f9b-8366dfd245c2.hfw".

I opened one up and it's just a text file that's easily readable so I can discern which is which, even with the indecipherable names.

If I gave this to someone else would it show up in their Hitfilm workspace with the appropriate name and work fine?





  • Andy001z
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    Don't know, bung it online and I'll test

  • Triem23
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    I'm not on my PC right now to check the Workspaces folder, but, as another option, in the File>Options menu is a toggle to "Include Screen Layout when Saving Projects."

    Obviously this stores your window layout in the Project which means, if nothing else, you can save an empty project with your layout. I've actually done that to transfer my custom Workspaces to other machines.

  • clark360
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    Thanks for the responses, guys. Got busy this week, but finally got to test some things based your suggestions. Thanks to Andy I remembered I had a copy of Hitfilm on my laptop on a different account so I tested the sharing. And I did not know about the setting Triem23 pointed out. Turns out it was activated on my project.

    For anyone else who this might help here's what I discovered:

    1. Yes, you can indeed copy the .hfw file from one computer to another and, if you put it in the right path (for Windows 10 it's C:\ProgramData\FXHOME\HitFilm Express\Templates\Workspaces), it will show up in Hitfilm with the correct title in the Workspace menu and will organize the panels as expected.

    2. The "Include Screen Layouts when Saving Projects" seems to work only on the computer that created the project. I used a second computer with an intentionally different workspace set to see if it would change layouts. When I opened up the project on that other computer everything loaded just fine, but it did not change the layout.

    One other point: I tried renaming the Workspace file to something more intuitive, but Hitfilm did not recognize it. Evidently the string of characters means something to the software so "3ff711d7-8290-4d1b-9f9b-8366dfd245c2.hfw" it is.