[FEATURE] Ability to assign Keyboard Shortcuts to add Effects to a clip

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[Mod Edit - Triem23] User really wants a way to assign effects to clips with keyboard shortcuts. He had two specific effects in mind, but, really, if keyboard shortcuts are added for two effects, someone will want shortcuts for three more. The real request is to assign keyboard shortcuts to any/all Effects to add to the selected clip.

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So although really simple I would like to see Chromatic Aberration be featured in Express as a drag and drop, I know it's in Pro but it seems like a simple thing to keep out and this being the first editor I've touched that doesn't have it as a default. I also use Crop and Pan a lot and would like to a hotkey be implemented.


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    @JoesGeekShow please read.

    Your headline did not follow the required format. I have edited it.

    One request per thread, please. You've made three - add Chromatic Aberration to Express, add a hotkey to add the Chromatic Aberration effect and add a hotkey for the Crop/Pan effect.

    Chromatic Aberration has been discussed in your other thread. If you wish to make a new Feature Request to add it to Express, I don't think there's an existing one yet.

    Otherwise I've edited your entire post. If you want to add keyboard shortcuts for TWO effects your real request is to just add keyboard shortcuts selectable for ANY effect.

    Of course with close to 200 effects filters and the limited amount of key combinations available, and those already in use, I feel this is unlikely to happen - it's not a trivial request.

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    @Triem23 I apologize. I didn't think to read the group rules before posting. I have read them now and understand. It will not happen again. Feel free to delete this thread if necessary. I'd do it myself but I don't see a delete option lol.

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    @JoesGeekShow Think users have to get to Enthusiast to delete and edit comments? It's a bit heavy handed, but it's proven effective in keeping down the bots and spammers.

    All good now you've read the guidelines. You're not the first to skip them. 😁

    My personal feeling this is unlikely to happen doesn't change that this is an interesting idea and certainly a valid one. It wouldn't be the first time the devs did a thing I didn't think they'd do. To clarify, Mods and Ambassadors don't work for FXhome. We're volunteers. We'll sometimes try to clarify something or clean it up, but, as you saw, I marked my changes and left your original post unedited right below. I do wish to respect your voice and intent. 😊

    There's no reason to delete this thread. We'll let others vote and maybe the devs will make it happen? πŸ‘

    You might want to make a new thread with your Chromatic Aberration add on for Express request too. Don't think there is one. 😁