Can we eventually update HitFilm without having to manually uninstall and reinstall it?

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I'm willing to bet that this is a feature that's already been requested dozens of times, but I'm making this thread just in case I happen to be the first one.

I love HitFilm and I'm amazed at all the features I'm getting for free, but in all the time I've been using it one thing that's always ticked me off is the fact that when a new update for the software comes out, I have to uninstall the program and then redownload and reinstall it from FXHome's website.

It would be so much more convenient if, when an update comes out, you could install that update straight from within the home screen like with most other widespread software.

Or if that would take too much effort to implement, even having a separate update manager that automatically uninstalls the old version and then downloads and installs the new version would be more convenient than having to manually update the program every time.

Hopefully my explanation of how a fix for this problem could go isn't too wordy.


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    @Thesnakerox this doesn't fit the feature request part of the forum for a couple reasons:

    1. it doesn't follow the rules provided in the pinned post
    2. you don't actually need to uninstall the program before updating. This message is only in the instructions page since the long method is sometimes the best just to ensure files are overwritten correctly, although this is very rarely an issue, and I believe most users do not uninstall first.

    As such, I'll move it to the HitFilm support category.

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