Keep Pre Render When Importing Composite Shot

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Hello everyone,

I am just kind of toying around with this new software, and I think I may be doing something wrong. If I have a project, lets call it project 1, and I have a composite shot in it that I have fully pre rendered (has the little play button next to it and all), and I want to import it into another project, project 2, and keep the pre render, how do I do this?

It seems as of now, if do an import from project 1 it brings in all the composites and source files, but I have to pre render then again, even though I want to use them exactly as is. What am I doing wrong? Thank you all for your time! :)



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    Was this the wrong place to ask this question?
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    @flameeater127 No, it's the right place. Your comment probably just got in the shuffle of comments and overlooked. I'll tag @Triem23 who might have an answer for you. He is far, far more knowledgeable about techniques than I.

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    You aren't doing anything wrong prerenders are coded to the individual project.

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    Thank you for the response!

    Hmmm, How to improve workflow then I wonder? Just for an idea of what I am doing, I am prerendering an overlay, basically just to improve overall render time on the finished projects, as I only have about 8 hours on this rig before someone else needs it. The overlay itself is around 35min at 4k which is why I was hoping to keep the pre render. It actually does seem to cut the final render time by a few hours. However the pre render itself takes more time than saved that to render (which I find odd, but I am not a programmer so there is probably a good reason for that).

    I did try to export just the overlay into a Cineform ( I found the hard way that MP4 does not support transparency) to be then used in the final product, but it seemed to take longer to export just the overlay than it would the finished product.

    Would you perhaps have any suggestions for me as to how to improve this?