Why did i can't generate a HitFilm 4 Express serial? This is so unfair!

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I have downloaded HitFilm 4 Express, but, when i tried to export my video, it sayd i need a seria to actvate the program, but, there is NO way to generate it... This is the only HitFilm who really works in my pc, and it's super easy to use. Please help me with this. 😿


  • Triem23
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    HItfilm 4 Express dates back to 2016. If you did not download Hitfilm 4 Express during it's initial release window (before Hitfilm 2017 came out) then I'm afraid no further serial numbers are being issued.

    As far as "This is Unfair" goes, any business has the right to stop selling older version of products. You can't buy the 2016 version of After Effects from Adobe, you can't buy the 2016 release of Mocha from Boris FX, you can't buy the 2016 version of Final Cut from Apple. This is standard across the industry. I'm sorry if your system specs are below what is needed to run more current versions of Hitfilm, but there's nothing else that can be done.

  • spyresca
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    Time to update your potato computer if you want to use professional level programs.

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    You should be able to find the serial in your account information.

    You registered and used it...