Hitfilm Express 2021.1 not taking full advantage of my hardware?

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Hi there, hope you´re all well!

I recently started again to play around with video editing and wanted something more advanced than Movie Maker.

I remembered the Hitfilm 4 Express account i never really used but existed.

So i decided to install the software again.

Seems fine, was not too hard to get into basic editing stuff and the output files are just fine.

But i noticed, while rendering it doesn´t fully utilitize the performance my system offers.

According to task manager, it´s using about 60% of my CPU and 20% GPU.

Rendering videos doesn´t take too long but seems like it could be a lot faster...>

Does anyone have an idea about this?


My components are:

AMD Ryzen 9 3900X

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070

24GB DDR4 RAM @2,8Ghz

Crucial P1 CT100P1SSD8 (NVMe PCIe 3.0)

Windows 10


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    This is a fairly normal utilization of resources for Hitfilm.

    In Hitfilm the CPU is reading/decoding video frames from your drive (GPU accelerated, but on the CPU) and doing a couple of other minor tasks. While this happens, the GPU is idle. The GPU handles VFX and frame renders. While this happens the CPU is idle. The CPU writes rendered frames to the drive. While this happens the CPU is idle.

    This handoff means you'll never see "100%" utilization of CPU and GPU. Then again, you generally DON'T want to see 100% utilization. That means your machine is running flat out. If you were seeing 100% utilization on either CPU or GPU with what looks like a single video track without embedded Composites that would indicate something wrong somewhere.

    Actually the render times you're showing are quite good. Video editing and VFX is a high power task (There's a reason why Intel and AMD put specific hardware on their chips just to decode a single video stream). For 1080p you're rendering faster than real time, your 4k 60p footage is rendering at about 125% real time. This is actually about what's expected for a high end setup these days.

    All that said Hitfilm still has room for improvements to system utilization.

    You're not running Hitfilm 4, you're running 16 or 2021.1. I've altered your headline for accuracy.

  • multiwirth
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    thanks for the explanation ;)

    Then everything is as it should i guess.

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