CamTrackAR can’t record chroma key or 3D?

gregcorson Website User Posts: 8 Just Starting Out
I just bought CamTrackAR 2.0 to try out the new features. I was surprised to find out that the video with chromakey can’t be recorded. I just get the video with no chromakey or 3-D model additions visible. I understand that most people will do their final composite in some other software using this raw video. But considering you build this as a previz tool it would be really nice if you could record the version with all the chromakey and 3-D objects visible so you could show it to someone as a rough cut or example of how the final product will look. Unless I missed the feature somehow a button that would let you record either the raw camera feed or the version with all the chromakey and 3-D objects added would be really nice.

This would be really handy if you just wanted to record a quick video of a car or other 3-D object sitting in different real world locations so you could send it to someone straight from your phone as a rough previz without having to export and do the comp in another tool.