Chromatic Aberration and Ice Texture

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So, I recently purchased the HItfilm Express Super Bundle during the spring sale and I quickly realized there is no chromatic aberration effect, shortly discovering it seems to be a Pro feature only? Does anyone know why that is? Seems like a simple effect to block off. Also, I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a way to make an ice texture in HItfilm Express using either the textures or in the particle simulator? Just trying to wrap my head around my capabilities with this software.


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    Chromatic Aberration is basically a split between the RGB channels. It's doable in Hitfilm Express. As to why it's a "Pro Only" feature? Ultimately FXhome had to decide at some point what features were designated "Pro Only." Perhaps some of the "Simple Effects" were blocked off in favor of making some of the "complex effects" available as add-ons, like the Particle Simulator and 3D model import features which were "Pro-Only" until Hitfilm v12.

    Anyways, how to make a Chromatic Aberration effect in Express.

    Making Ice-style effects in Hitfilm will depend on the type of shot you're pulling off. In general most "ice effects" start with simple color adjustments. Making a thing blue helps a lot. Otherwise, fractal noise and parallax are always starting points for textures. Here's a few tutorials that have ideas. One of these tutorials is for "Vegas Effects." Vegas Effects is an FXhome made element of the Vegas Pro Suite, and any Vegas Effects tutorial works the same way in Hitfilm.

    Just an old demo shot done by a former Hitfilm user back in Hitfilm v1.

    OrangePoke's forum threads are long gone, but, some of what he said about the Cryokinesis shot...9. In your frozen thing how did you soo accurately make this frozen hand effect? that was stunning. 

    Way too much rotoscoping..... lol It was just a ton of manual frame by frame mask adjustments so that the ice followed the arm / hand. 

    10. And what were the layers used in the shockwave? Id love to see a breakdown the one you did for particle warfare was very informative.

    Shockwave consisted of the glass ice textures growing outwards from the hand, ice / snow particles, and a displacement ring to create the "ring" shape. The main thing here is using a displacement effect to give that "ridge" look as the wave travels outward from the hand.

    And an older discussion on ice effects.

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    I think I ended up in the following effect using the Caustics effect over a fractal it playing with the control values I you can get some nice looking ice, especially if you tweak your colours to match.

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    @Triem23 thank you. I followed the Vegas Effects tutorial and it worked great. That's oddly exactly what I was wanting to do so lol. As for chromatic aberration, I understand how to do it but was just curious as to the reasoning why the actual preset/filter wasn't included in Express. This is honestly the first program I've touched where it wasn't already included but you could be right with FXhome cutting it off to include some heavier stuff. Hopefully at some point they place it in. But thank you for your response. @Andy001z wow! That looks great! Caustics plus fractal eh? I may give that a shot too. I'm still fairly new to Hitfilm and don't quite understand stacking effects yet. I know what individual effects do but I am learning and I am having fun.