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Hi guys,

I'm using hit film express for a project I've been working on and have just gone to export and for some reason there is a water mark and piano playing. With a quick google search I could see that some people have a water mark for using transitions with the add-on tag but I haven't used any of those I have used the program in the passed and don't remember how I avoided or if I had the issue at all before. The water mark it's self reads "Created with the demo version of hitfilm express" but this is the only version I can see available with out getting pro any help/possible causes would be much appreciated as I need to finish this project for school.

Thank you.


  • tddavis
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    @slamman7 Do you see the word "Activate" along the upper right corner of the program? This means that the program has not been activated completely (using the email address you used when you downloaded it, of course) That and add-on use are the only two reasons you should be getting a watermark unless, that is, you are accidentally using a Demo version of Hitfilm Pro instead of Express. Hope this helps.

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