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Hey im unaware of the proper term for this but is there a way of making a video's dimensions not be a perfect rectangle? Lets say i was trying to overlay a video on a laptop and the camera shot it at an angle where the perfect rectangle dimensions wouldn't look natural over it, how would I go about making it fix by giving it custom corners? Or even giving the term would be helpful

See here the Video doesn't look natural due to the angle it was shot at I was wondering how to make this fill the laptop screen naturally


  • tddavis
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    @lobber_king Using the Quad warp effect on the video layer will let you position the corners at odd angles, but I am not certain that it is included in the base Express package or is an add-on.

  • triforcefx
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    @tddavis Luckily this incredibly useful effect is in base Express!

    @lobber_king In addition to what tddavis said, if your laptop screen uses an aspect ratio that isn't 16:9, using quad warp can distort a video that was shot in 16:9. To combat this, create a new composite shot at the same resolution as your laptop screen, then add the overlay video to the comp, adjusting the scale so that the frame is filled. Now you can use quad warp on the comp as your screen replacement and be accurate to the screen's physical dimensions. This method is also incredibly useful if you want to be able to quickly change what's on the screen, as you can just drop into the overlay comp and swap things out.

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