Issues installing HitFilmExpress_2021.1_(16.1.11208.07204)

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Hello!, the instalation stops and say that

¿whi need the HitFilmExpress_2021.1_(16.1.11108.07206) if i download the HitFilmExpress_2021.1_(16.1.11208.07204)?

Remember, the "HitFilmExpress_2021.1_(16.1.11208.07204)" i was downoad from the officially page of Hitfilm. So, i dont understand whi i need the HitFilmExpress_2021.1_(16.1.11108.07206)


  • tddavis
    tddavis Moderator, Website User Posts: 4,791 Moderator

    @nepper_t That definitely is an odd error. The Devs are on weekend and it may be be a few days before they can see this message @TheBenNorris @NickDevTeam , but the only thing I can think of is possibly the installer package that was downloaded somehow became corrupted in transit. Until you can get a response from someone much more knowledgeable than I, you could try redownloading the installer and see if the process completes without whatever is triggering it to ask for this file which I agree looks totally out of place. I haven't ever had the installer ask such a question before myself.

  • TheBenNorris
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    I'd try to redownload the installer, if that doesn't work try with another browser. That might help, but it could be something bigger that needs more help, so please let us know if you continue to have difficulty.

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