How to remove the matermark and piano sound AFTER you have exported and you discarded the project

So, I had been working on this video for school and after editing it for hours I exported it without realizing there would be a watermark and that piano sound, I freaked out, searched how to remove it. But no one explained how to remove it after exporting and discarding the project.

So, you do have to activate your account and I pressed discard on my project when it told me to refresh. Later I found it in the exporting queue where you can now duplicate it and THEN export it. Since you have activated your account it will now be exported without any watermark!!



  • tddavis
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    @thickdumpster Sorry to say, I do not believe there is any provision for removing watermarks after export. I am not 100% clear on a project left in the export queue after the project has been deleted. I don't know if it will still export or not. However, a lot of times activating properly requires you to close then reopen Hitfilm and I think any projects in Export queue will be gone when it reopens. The only avenue, sadly, that I know about will be to reload your media and project and try to recreate it as best as you can after you have activated.

  • Triem23
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    Watermarks and tones are "burned into" the output render. Once rendered there's nothing to be done.

    Unfortunately, as tddavis said, if you've discarded the project file there's nothing to be done other than re-edit.