[FEATURE] FPS/resolution readout of current playback speed/display resolution of Viewer

Triem23 Posts: 20,061 Ambassador
edited April 28 in HitFilm

This could be placed next to the existing X/Y co-ordinate infotext.

This is a "nice to have" feature. If, say, working in a 30fps project and things look a little stuttery, an fps playback might show (for instance) my playback is 26fps. This helps users make better decisions on when to shift to a lower Viewer resolution.

There's some semi-diagnostic uses as well. Sometimes in Hitfilm there are multiple filters that can accomplish a near-identical look. Fps readouts can help determine if effect A is using more resources than effect B (say Light Rays vs Auto Volumetrics, Curves vs Levels Histogram or Lightning vs Lightsword). This information might even be helpful for internal testing @Ady. 😉

I'm adding in resolution as well. When resizing the Viewer I feel (with no proof) it might be easier/faster for Hitfilm to scale to an even divisor of Timeline resolution - i.e. I believe for a 1080p project it's easier for Hitfilm to render a 360 or 480 high viewer (1/4 or 1/3 height) than a random value like 612 high)

As an example the Viewer in Vegas Pro displays Viewer resolution and FPS.