Stretch Face?

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Good afternoon everyone,

I was hoping to have some pointers here, I want to make something like this person made in Final Cut Pro

Where the face is stretched, I attempted it by making 2 masks and then have the orignal layer stretch underneath. But it does not look right at all.

I would like to recreate something like this and who knows, maybe there is some tiktok like face app for OFX or even Hitfilm could implement a face studio type thing in the future, especially the way tiktok is going.

Thanks guys!


  • Dimipapa
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    Heres what i would do. first mask out the person so you have a layer with no background. create a very thin mask down the center. douplicate the layer twice. turn off the bottom layer for now to see easier, take the top layer make it so only the sliver in the middle is showing, go into control, go to scale, unlock the chain so you can increase horizontal scale by itself. Stretch it till youre happy. now take the bottom two layers change the mask so the right half and left half show one side on each layer the move them to be next to the ends of the stretch layer. turn the bottom layer back on. There is probably an easier way to do this, but until someone figures it out this method should work,

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