Translucent Body When Chroma-Keying

FarisAzri Posts: 17 Just Starting Out*

So, I've decided to record myself in front of a green screen. When I used chroma key, the green did disappear. However, my body is translucent. I added a video of a blue swirling wormhole as background. I can see the patterns of the background on my body. Is there a way to counteract this?



  • tddavis
    tddavis Posts: 5,222 Expert

    @FarisAzri The best method is to click the check box to show the matte and adjust the Gain, Min and Max settings until the areas you want gone are totally black and the subject is totally white...or as close as can be. If the subject has any gray you get the translucent effect. Now a cheat I used with some success is the duplicate the layer which has for me added body to the translucent areas, but you have to be careful as is also dupes any areas in the bkg especially right along the edge of the subject. Hope this helps you a little bit.