Text is almost invisible in Editor

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HI All,

So Ive been working my way through the tutorials and Im having an issue with text.

The text Im working with is white or offwhite ( tried changing color and has a font size of 96 ) The alpha channel in the color picker was 255 initially but I lowered it to 253 to see if that would help, no luck. I fooled with the opacity but no luck either.

Using the "quick" method in tutorial 3 I clicked on the text tool and added some text. While I could see the text position, drag across it to highlight the text area etc I could not see the text.

I then did some searching and tried the add composite method. With this method ( basically cause you are in a new clip I think ) I could see the text in the separate clip so I dragged the text clip to the editor timeline. Once again I can see The text positioning controls but I cannot see the text.

Finally while just experimenting I turned down the opacity of the main clip itself and then I could see the text but this has the effect of basically removing the video which is not what I want.

So where have I gone wrong? Im including some screen shots to help with this.

First shot is after double clicking the text video clip in the timeline ( clicking the text clip in the media tab does the same thing but Im not sure if that is un imported into the video vs imported into the video )

Second shot is with the main track highlighted and opacity at 100% for both clips.

Third shot is back in the editor with the main video track opacity turned way way down

Thanks in advance!!!



  • Triem23
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    Your text is on a track UNDER the video. it needs to be on a track ABOVE the video.

    Think of Timeline like classic animated disney cartoons where the background was a painting and the characters were drawn on transparent cels and laid over the background. Your video is the background painting your text is on a transparent cel.

    Both the Editor Timeline and Composite Shot Timeline read from the BOTTOM of the layer/track stack UP to the TOP.

  • Himilou
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    Awesome!!! Thanks so much!

  • Himilou
    Himilou Posts: 5 Just Starting Out
    So quick question if I may. The editor now has a little button that is active "Make compost shot" I'm guessing that when Im done with "perfecting" my text that combines the two clips, thus no further editing allowed but you can also see what the final would look like?