Hitfilm Pro 15 Image Sequence

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Hello all,

I know there has been some issues in past regarding image sequence but I seem to have an issue with it.

I'm trying to import 97 PNG files all reexported and renamed with *text*001, *text*002, etc etc. and placed in a seperate folder with nothing else in it. However, when it imports, only the first frame can be seen and and the rest of the image sequence just shows "The video frame cannot be displayed." I understand some people were saying to select the folder and not the content, but my MacOS doesn't seem to allow that, as it opens the folder to display the content and cannot just import from the folder only. Even if I select a frame somewhere down the line, it just shows the first frame and everything else is blank.

Would appreciate the help as it is for a client. Cheers.


  • tddavis
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    @chanenchong I am not a MAC user so forgive me if this is totally not capable, but on Windows there is a setting (or at least was at one time) to automatically select on the first click and that would open folders just by selecting them. Is it possible there is a setting that you could have that require a double click to open the folder? Yes, before Hitfilm changed the way image sequences imports you had to select the entire containing folder not individual images. Now, you select one image and use the pop up dialog to tell it to import a sequence. I do hope it something as simple as finding a setting, but just not sure.