[ENHANCEMENT] REMOVE "Do not Show" checkbox from Image/Image Sequence warning/prompt box

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When initially importing still images from a folder using the "Import Media" menu a "Do you want to import as Image Sequences" dialog appears by default. There is a checkbox at the bottom for "do not show again."

I suggest removing this checkbox. Over the last few months we've had many users having issues loading in single images. In every case they had clicked "Yes" to "Import as Image Sequence" and checked the "Do Not Show" box. They have accidentally set a default behavior they don't want and are having trouble resetting the default.

I propose removing the "Do Not Show Again" checkbox from this dialog. The option to disable the warning absolutely SHOULD remain in the Options>Prompts and Warnings Menu.

The goal here is to remove an area where a new user might cause confusion for themself by dismissing a dialog they haven't read. By forcing the user to move into the Options Menu to disable the dialog, it forces the user to think about what they are doing to set the default behavior.

Alternately the Import Menu has a specific "Import Image Sequence" function, therefore the "Import Media" option should ALWAYS import single images.

@TheBenNorris I tagged you in an external thread on this topic earlier this week, but decide to create a feature request for this one as well.



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    You raise a very good point here. I specifically think the logic of the bold printed part is important: if there is an option to import sequences, I expect the other import option to import separately.