[ENHANCEMENT] REMOVE "Do Not Show Again" checkboxe from "...change Editor Sequence" warning

Triem23 Posts: 20,276 Power User

When dropping initial media cips on an Editor Timeline, the "Do you want to change the Editor Sequence to match the clip" dialog appears by default. There is a checkbox at the bottom for "do not show again."

I suggest removing this checkbox. In April, 2021 we've had four different user questions regarding questions with file size and the Editor Timeline. Three of those it's been confirmed that the user had checked "Do Not Show Again" without understanding they were selecting default behavior for the Editor Timeline (the fourth hasn't responded in their thread yet).

I propose removing the "Do Not Show Again" checkbox from this dialog. The option to disable the warning absolutly SHOULD remain in the Options>Prompts and Warnings Menu.

The goal here is to remove an area where a new user might cause confusion for themself by dismissing a dialog they haven't read. By forcing the user to move into tho Options Menu to disable the dialog, it forces the user to think about what they are doing to set the default behavior. Perhaps the Options Menu should also add a default behavoir toggle/dropdown to "scale Editor to first added clip" or "leave Editor at Project Settings."

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