(Suggestion) HitFilm effects in Imerge pro

mabdelbary Posts: 162 Enthusiast

Is it possible to have the same HitFilm pro effects in Imerge pro but for still images instead of working on them separately when we deal with images, or for example it can be through a dynamic link between them.


  • SamuelMorris
    SamuelMorris Staff Posts: 91 Staff

    Hi @mabdelbary Imerge and HitFilm are built on different technologies, so it requires some work on our part to copy a HitFilm effect into Imerge. That said some effects that HitFilm has have already been added to Imerge in previous version, so it is something we can do. Do you have any specific effects in mind that you would like to see in Imerge? It would be great if you could open feature requests here https://community.fxhome.com/categories/imerge-feature-requests

    Thanks for your suggestions, they are very much appreciated!

  • mabdelbary
    mabdelbary Posts: 162 Enthusiast

    Hi Samuel,

    Thanks for your feedback, I checked the feature requests and searched for this topic but I couldn't find it, that's why I posted this discussion. I saw in Imerge pro some effects similar to HitFilm but I thought it will be easy to add HitFilm effects in Imerge pro so I can use it for more effects like particles, puppet tool...etc.

    Also, the navigation with the scroll is different than HitFilm, I find it easier to use the scroll as a hand tool and zoom, how can I change this in HitFilm because I didn't find it in the shortcuts.

    Thanks a lot for your help 👍️

  • TheBenNorris
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    @mabdelbary can I confirm you're proposing the following?

    • Add HitFilm effects into Imerge
    • Change the viewer navigation controls to match HitFilm - scroll wheel for scroll, vs the current behaviour requiring Ctrl?

    I'd like to point out that unfortunately, as with most things in development, adding effects to Imerge from HitFilm isn't as simple as it would seem, especially the particle sim, which is probably the most complicated HitFilm effect.

    If you have specific effects you think you'd like to see, do let us know, and we'll see what we can do.

  • mabdelbary
    mabdelbary Posts: 162 Enthusiast

    Thanks for your feedback TheBenNorris,

    Honestly, I don't have specific effects in mind, however, one time I was checking the puppet tool in Imerge pro and I couldn't find it. that's why I made this suggestion. I suggest to copy the easier effects from HitFilm to Imerge pro at least to have more effects in Imerge pro library which is also essential for photo editing and compositing.

    About the viewer navigation, I suggest that it can be customized from the shortcut menu based on the user's preference, it doesn't have to be just in one specific way, flexibility always gives more power to the software.

    Another point, when I was checking the text fill opacity in HitFilm, I couldn't separate it from the stroke opacity, Boris text does that, it is also preferred to have this control in a regular text layer.

    Thanks again for your help, I like always to give suggestions to make the software better and have the best experience for everyone.