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Hey guys,

Having some issues with keyframes. The quickest way I can describe the issue is this: Hitfilm adds its own 'flare' to my linear position keyframes for no apparent reason.

A little more in depth: I'm just trying to move an image to the left, the up right after. Ideally one key frame moves it left, and afterward I have another keyframe that moves it up. It should never curve or move diagonally; just move left for 2 seconds, then move up for 2 seconds. However, once I place the second keyframe that moves it up, it 'interprets' both keyframes and combines the motion into a 'smoother'/'bouncier' curved path that I never asked for. I can manually straighten the handles to revert it to what it's supposed to be, but this gets tedious and not always possible with objects like cameras.

Another example of this will happen if I copy and paste the same keyframe to hold the position for a few seconds. Hitfilm will literally make my object do a quick loop in between identical keyframes. The only way to prevent this is to place a keyframe on every single frame in the timeslot that I want the object to stay still. I would expect that if I have the same keyframe at the 1 second mark and the 3 second mark, everything in between would stay the same, but that is not the case here. And as stated earlier, this is all using the linear keyframe type, nothing fancy.

When I open the value graphs, Hitfilm's added motions show up (with no keyframes indicating such motion), so I can't even delete it from there. My guess is that there is some kind of setting I have toggled that adds this magical touch, and that it's intended to make things look smoother. Sounds like a great tool to have, but it's something I need to choose when to use. I'm guessing someone has asked about this, but I haven't found the forum yet.

I am on Hitfilm Pro version 15.2.10629.53687. If needed I would be happy to provide a video demonstration of the problem I am having. Thank you for your time!



  • CrashX101
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    I think I figured it out. When I right click the the 'Position' section I can change the spatial interpretation from Auto Bezier to Linear.
  • Triem23
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    Yes, the change to Linear gives straight lines. Smooth/Bezier keys are supposed to interpret Curves and may "overshoot." In your case Linear is your friend.

    For the "Hold" position, use "Constant." Constant is zero movement - it just holds that value then jumps to the next value. So your "start hold" key is Constant, your "end hold" key goes back to Linear with the same value.