How to use GPU?

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Hi all. I am trying to edit some videos in 1080p 60 fps but Hitfilm express is lagging like crazy even with only 10 minutes of video. I have a very old i5 760 and a GTX 1660. I also have 16 GB of ram. In task manager I saw that the CPU is running at 100% all the time. Is there any way to offload some of this work to my graphics card? It is only at 10% usage.



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    I suspect your i5-760 is under spec for Hitfilm. While system requirements list an "i3, i5 or i7" the integrated GPU requirements imply a 2014 or newer CPU. Yours is from 2010.

    A dev might need to verify this. I'll tag @NickDevTeam this time.

    Your CPU is underpowered for your GPU. You are getting severe bottlenecks between your CPU and GPU and are not getting the benefits of that GPU.

    It's time to update your CPU and motherboard.

    Hitfilm is already designed to offload work to your GPU (all frame rendering and effects are done on the GPU) . To be honest, there is still room for Hitfilm to improve its pipeline, but, in your case the ancient CPU is slowing down your system.

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    Besides matching performance of CPU to GPU, you may want to take look at memory of your system. With limited amount of memory, system has to swap data to disk. Most of disks are very slow, compared to memory. You may also want to invest into SSD disks. I use one for cache.

    I have pretty good system and see HitFilm as very well balanced application, capable to use hardware to its full extent.

    With large memory on my system, I see most of activity between CPU, GPU and memory with very little disk activity. I would consider 32 GB of memory as a minimum for video work.

    I consider HitFilm has great performance, but best software will not compensate for hardware limitations.