[FEATURE] Add a 'Confirm Exit Dialogue Box' when Exporting

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Just a simple feature I want to have. I'm not sure if this is even called a feature because I think this thing should be present in all programs that involve editing.

Before we Exit, please show a dialogue box to confirm that we really want to exit Hitfilm Express especially when in the middle of Exporting.

Right now if you are Exporting, then you accidentally clicked the X button(close button) the program will immediately cancel what you are exporting then exit. It doesn't matter if it is 1% or 99%, the export will be cancelled and I cant resume it after re-opening the program. The only choice I have is to start exporting again from 0%.

*Or am I missing something and you can actually resume a cancelled export. Please tell me.*

Example: *I clicked the close button while exporting

Dialogue Box:


"Are you sure you want to Exit? Your export will be cancelled."

[Yes] [No]



  • Triem23
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    Might just want to make this a global "Are you sure," whether or not Exporting is happening. Add the standard "Never Show Again" checkbox. Of course, this is also a new entry in the "Options/Prompts & Warnings" menu.