[FEATURE] REPLACE current media (Hitfilm already does this)

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I once worked with a software called Pro Show Producer by Photodex (now defunct) that had an excellent feature. Whereas, you could right click on a given still or vid that you've keyframed to the max and then choose a button called REPLACE media or some such and a new media was inserted.

For instance, let's say you have an mp4 of birds and you size it, mask it or whatever and then build a number of keyframes in various categories from scale to position etc. etc. Once your done, you soon realize it's the wrong bird video. As it is now, one has to import the CORRECT video, line up the cursor on the timeline, copy all of the keys from the existing video and then paste those into position on the new video. Then, remove the old from line and library etc.

In Proshow, you could simply right click on an entity, hit replace media and boom, the new clip's in within seconds!

IT WAS A HUGE time saver and would be a wonderful add...


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    Hitfilm can already do this. Right click media in the Media Bin and choose "RELINK." Technically this is to relink an existing clip if something has been moved, but you can select a totally different media clip which replaces the existing one.

    Since this feature already exists, this thread will be closed.

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