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Hi all,

Brand new user of hitfilm express as of last week. I got asked if there was a way to put a clickable link into something like video text or as an image overlay or the like. Is this possible? I am churning out videos in Instagram square format and standard 16:9. They are mostly getting put up on twitter. I am compiling my Vids on Hitfilm Express, subbing them in Aegisub (they want a specific font and colour which I've only found an easy way to do in Aegisub) then hard encoding subs via VLC, finally converting to mp4 in Handbrake (VLC for some reason really doesn't like hard encoding to MP4. If anyone has any better suggestions, Id be grateful!


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    The mp4 file format has no provisions for embedded links. These would be handled by the YouTube/Vimeo player, or, on a Blu-ray by a separate code process at the authoring stage.

    For Twitter, I refer you to this article.

    For burning subtitles in Hitfilm, there is a text EFFECT (it's in one of the add-on packs, but you can try before you buy with watermarked output) intended for subtitles. You'd be able to select font/color, then you keyframe the text changes into the effect. I'm not familiar with Aegisub, so I can't tell you if it's faster/easier in Hitfilm.