Dino Fight!

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This is my latest Hitfilm creation. I wanted to try a forced perspective shot. So I made this with a T-Rex hand puppet. Did all the effects and editing in Hitfilm. (Puppet without any effects at the end)

I need to learn more about the audio controls. I found audio editing to be a bit clunky, but I didn't really do any research into how to do things like fade and stuff.


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    Love it! Good old fashioned puppetry and forced perspective make me joyful.

    Hitfilm's audio tools are its weakest area (although the Doppler effect is a gem). Still, here's a couple of tutorials to get you up to speed.

    This tutorial (below) is a few Hitfilm revisions old, so there are some interface differences, but it's very comprehensive (I'm biased - it's mine). Note since this tutorial was made Hitfilm has added audio only export formats so the workaround here is obsolete.

    Finally, this tutorial covers Hitfilm's newest audio feature - direct VO recording.

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