How To Remove Spillover in Green Screen

admiralnogura Posts: 6 Just Starting Out*
I've been doing some green screen work in Hitfilm Express and keep running into a problem with trying to completely get rid of spillover after I've composited the green screen clip with the background clip. I've tried adjusting the different parameters the best I can, but it's not enough. Any suggestions for anything else I can do?


  • spyresca
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    Best bet is to buy the chroma key add-on which offers many more green screen features (including spill). The green screen functionality of Express is somewhat limited.

  • tddavis
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    @admiralnogura Have you tried the spill removal effect under the 'Matte Enhancement' nested in the Keying effect folder. It is available in Express by default and I have have always had great luck removing the green spill with the basic settings. Another effect there in the same folder is the Light Wrap function. Use it after spill removal and set it for the background layer of whatever you have going to composite the keyed subject in front of. It will slightly blur the edges and adjust the color so it appears the background is bleeding onto the subject a little and has a lot of parameters to adjust to get it just right. Hope this helps.

  • admiralnogura
    admiralnogura Posts: 6 Just Starting Out*
    @tddavis thanks for the suggestions. I tried them out but couldn't really improve on what I did before. In order to completely remove all the spill, I have to "cut" into the character's clothing a teeny bit. It's not overly noticeable but those with an eye for detail will probably catch it.
  • Dimipapa
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    Does express have light wrap? That will make the edges and inner spread match the background better.