CamTrackAR featured in yesterday's Apple Keynote

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Hello wonderful humans!

We're super excited to announce that CamTrackAR - FXhome's mobile previz, camera tracking, and virtual production studio (which is free to use for all HitFilm users) – was featured in yesterday's Apple Event keynote. This is a huge achievement for us all and an honor for Josh to be a part of one of the world's biggest technology keynotes.

If you haven't seen the keynote yet, you can watch the whole event here (CamTrackAR features from 44:09)

We just want to say again thank you for all of the support from everyone in the HitFilm and FXhome communities in helping us to achieve great things. We hope to bring more free, accessible, and innovative technology to the industry in the near future, and we couldn't achieve anything we do without all of your support. This achievement is every one of yours as it is ours!

- Steven (FXhome Staff)

Download CamTrackAR for iOS for free