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ianshere Website User Posts: 3 Just Starting Out* you can see the video I created here. If these are silly questions, I apologize in advance - I'm a total HitFilm newbie. :-)

  1. The ratio is not 16:9 and is not completely covering the space allocated for it. I can't see where to change a setting to make this different. I expected this to act like a video and resize to fill the area.
  2. I'd like to do some 3D effects to the images. Not sure what it's called exactly, but the effect is where the foreground images appear to move against the background like the viewers point of view is changing.

Again, apologies, this is my first real foray into this field.


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    Regarding question 1:

    Which video are you referring to, the top of page banner ad or the "Getting ready for wedding season" vid down the page? The top banner looks like everything is filling in, the bottom was shot with a vertical 9:16 ratio, not a horizontal 16:9 ratio, which presents its own issues.

    Anyway, in general programs which are primarily EDITORS will try to automatically fill the frame by expanding the video until something hits the edge of the project frame. Depending on the aspect ratio of the source video and project, this could leave letterboxing or pillarboxing (horizontal/vertical bars). In a 16:9 project 9:16 or 4:3 source video will leave pillarboxes, 18:9, 2.35:1 and 2.4:1 will leave letterboxes. In this case it's up to the Editor to decide how to further edit by filling a frame.

    Programs that primarily Compositors (Hitfilm included) will not resize or rescale source media at all on Import, All reframe options are left up to the editor.

    There are multiple ways to resize a media clip in Hitfilm. One can right click a clip on the Timeline and choose one of the "Transform>Fit to Frame" options. (With vertical video a "Fit to Horizontal" will fill the frame with the center of the image and probably look terrible... "Fit to Vertical" will center up your vertical video correctly). One can select multiple clips at once and apply a fit to frame to all selected clips at once.

    One can also left click a media clip on the Timeline and use the Scale/Position parameters in the Controls panel to adjust the media. This works on one clip at a time although Scale and Position can be copied to other clips by directly copying to/from a Controls panel or by copying the adjusted clip, right clicking the other clips and selecting "Paste Selected."

    For filling the frame when using vertical video in Hitfilm Express you have two options - making a Comp Shot with two copies of the video and scaling up, blurring, adding other effects to the lower copy, or using the Vertical Video effect, which automates the above process. The Vertical Video effect is part of the paid Edit: Starter pack. Edit: Starter is a $9.99 add on, so you'd be better to go back to the Pay What you Will page and get the "Starter" tier which, for the same $9.99 gets you the VFX: Starter and Color: Starter add ons as well. I assume you'll work with a fair amount of vertical video and portrait orientation pictures, so, in the not-too-long run the add-on pack will pay for itself in saved time. Setting up one vertical fill manually is nothing... Doing a bunch, the time adds up quickly.

    Regarding question 2:

    What you want to do is usually called either a "Parallax effect" (which is a bit confusing because Hitfilm has a "Parallax" effect that uses grayscale data to generate a height map - a totally different thing) or "2.5D animation" (because you're moving 2D elements in 3D space). This is actually pretty basic, and I'll link tutorials below. Basically you'll need multiple copies of the image, you'll mask out the relevant sections on different layers then move them in 3D space. The tutorials I'll link do all the masking in Hitfilm, but, sometimes it's better to preprocess the desired layers in an image editor first, and export each element from the photo editor as a transparent PNG to composite in Hitfilm. Example - maybe you have a couple on a background. Processing in a photo editor to create a "Clean Background" (remove the couple) will be easier in a photo editor where you'll have cloning stamps and patch tools.

    Tutorials. These are all for older versions of Hitfilm, so the interface is different, but, as you'll see, the method is exactly the same.

    Other ways to add 3D movement to 2D images include Displacement Mapping. Here's a tutorial that shows how to set that up either with the aid of a photo editor or 100% in Hitfilm. Again, it's a few versions of Hitfilm old, but the method hasn't changed (this is also MY tutorial, so I hope you learn and enjoy).

    Finally, there's a method called projection - which is a paid add on for Express. This really works better just for mapping out background plates like rooms, but you could add a masked out person into the virtual 3D set after projection. Once again, the tutorials are for older versions of Hitfilm, but the methodology is the same.

  • ianshere
    ianshere Website User Posts: 3 Just Starting Out*

    WOW! :-) Thank you Triem23 - what a wonderful resource. I'm so used to getting 1 or 2 liner replies in forums, yours blew me away. I see I have a project for this weekend - just reading and absorbing it!

    Sorry, forgot there was the other video on the page. I was referring to the banner/hero video at the top. Mine has nearly 2" of black either end on my widescreen monitor running at 1920 x 1080. If I shrink the window to a little under laptop size it disappears, so it may be more something in Joomla (the platform the site is written in) than the video itself. I'll go through your helps and see that I have set everything correctly in HF, or if there's another adjustment I can do. This is my third attempt in HF, but the first using stills. The others have been video clips merged, such as I need to work on the clip transitions. The hard cut is OK, but I'd like to fade the clips together. I'm sure that's super simple - something else for this weekend!

    Again, thanks for your wonderful help!

  • ianshere
    ianshere Website User Posts: 3 Just Starting Out*

    Figured out why the video wasn't covering the space - I'd set the viewport in the viewer in HitFilm correctly. Adjusted that and it was fine. Haven't had a crack at parallax (thanks for giving me the correct name!) yet. I'll work through that info this week. Cheers.

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