Newbie Needing a little help

crimsonphoenix9876 Posts: 2 Just Starting Out*

Hi there;

I am completely new to using HitFilm Express and I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction. I thought my first project would be relatively easy, but I've hit a wall. I'm making a video where I am wanting to make some animated text slides and intersperse them with some video footage through the timeline. I've got the adding the video part down but am completely stumped as to how I would create the animated text slides that would go before, between, and after the videos. I'm looking for the timeline to go something like this.

Animated text with audio

Videos 1-6

Animated text with audio

Videos 7-10

Would there be anyone who could please point me in the direction of a walkthrough/tutorial for something like this please? Thanks so very much.