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I'm working on a lengthier project where I review 25 horror game demos. I've recorded most of the footage and the video has a border that looks like an old tv. I thought it would be fun (and more entertaining to the viewer) if I added in a transition between each review that looked like I'm switching the channel on an old school TV. I found a font that works and tried using fractal noise to achieve the effect, but as you can imagine, it looked a bit tacky. I also tried the FXhome VHS tutorial from 2017, but the effect wasn't quite what I was looking for.

Any tips on how to achieve this particular effect? I'm looking for something similar to the channel changes in this video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v83WEzw8tfw&ab_channel=letsgoshoppingify).


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    I did a simple version of this in a video I made a while back, which I did by combining noise, displacement and some of the effects used in the VHS tutorial as well. If you want the really stylised noise/scan stuff, you may be able to get some footage and animate it yourself too.

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    @takune I looked at your example but that isn't precisely how it looked changing channels. That is more noise between recorded sections of video on tape. Those scanlines are classic VHS distortion along with the resulting color aberrations. To my best recollection, switching channels on an old dial tuner sometimes had a a very brief (not the length shown here) of static and the accompanying static sound but which looks very different from the scratchy, VHS lines and and there would be a bit of picture roll toward the top if you happened to catch the signal between cycles. There would be a black bar of the frame that would would roll down or up depending.

    To get the look of your example I think the VHS effect that is in Hitfilm (not sure if it's included with Express or an add-on) should do the trick. Although, I have never played around with it, I'm sure I saw a tutorial on using and it had the scanlines and such.

    EDIT: I got curious if I was indeed recalling correctly so I went hunting. This is what I tried to describe 😁 probably badly: