Is it possible to create these animations in HitFilm?


I found these animated GIFs which were created with After Effects and was wondering if it can be done in HitFilm as well? A basic rundown of the techniques used would be nice. Thanks.


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    Yes, those animations can be done in Hitfilm.

    As far as techniques go, you have multiple ways of going about it--one method would be to create much of the linework in an outside graphics program like Photoshop or GIMP (like that speaker icon in the second example) At that point you'd import your elements into Hitfilm to animate. Varied elements would be brought in and out as needed.

    Another approach would be to create solid Planes in hitfilm and use the masking tools to draw the elements.

    Ultimately it comes down to keyframe animating a bunch of small elements. Looking at the top example. I might make a layer that's dark blue and use a couple of masks to make that circle. I could duplicate that layer, and make it a light blue, then animate another mask to reveal it when needed (as the small lines whip through the circle, brightening it). The smaller lines would all be seperate layers and moved around the space. For the two lines forming a checkmark, for example, each line segment would be it's own layer, moved into position. one of the layers would have it's scale animated to become the short half of the check mark.

    For things like spinning the circle in the top example--make the circle a 3D plane and spin it! Hitfilm's built-in motion blur will give the burs on the fast movements....

    For the second example, above, you have three basic elements--the speaker icon and two lines. Each of these would be seperate layers--to get the deformation on the speaker I could animate the mask path for the bounce, or try using the bulge filter with a small radius. The other two lines would be seperate layers animated to come together as a cross, or split into two lines. For the bends, I could animate the masks as needed, try the bulge filter, or create seperate layers for the bent lines and switch them out on the timeline fot he straight lines when they bounce off the speakers.

    I'm certain someone else will come along with other ways of approaching these animations as well--key thing is TOTALLY doable in Hitfilm.