La Constante de Planck's PLACE - NEW VIDEO

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Hello everyone!

Welcome to my small place here in FXHome's Forum. As some of you may know, I've just launched my YouTube channel. I'm a telecommunications engineer who is doing videos of science popularization and non-formal education in Spanish. The idea is to use 3D models and virtual sets to help understand some complex topics and make the learning experience much more satisfying.

The content will be released in seasons, similar to what TV shows are released. I'm so glad that all videos are 100% done inside Hitfilm Express. You'll see some virtual sets, some 3D models, some ProductionCrate assets, etc.

I've just uploaded the very first video of the very first season, which is about the ENIGMA MACHINE. How it worked and how it helped the allies to win the war (english subtitles available):

I'm so excited to start my YouTube journey!