[ENHANCEMENT]Change adding a new vertex on a path/mask to follow path and deform in following frames

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I am a film editing lecturer, this year I started using Hitfilm Express on class over other video editing suites. In general I am very happy about Hitfilm. But many of my students struggle creating animated masks because of the path editing nuisances.

General rule of adding a vertex to a animating path (or mask) is newly added vertex always stay at the same approximate location between two neighboring vertices in all frames throught the clip.

in hitfilm express, when you add a vertex to a path new vertex stay at the same absolute position, regardless of the animation of neighboring vertices causing deforming of the mask path in a mind bending fashion in next and previous frames.

There are other small inconveniences in path editing tool, but this one is most important one. I think path editing in Hitfilm Express is less than ideal, and have space to improve.

tldr; Please fix "add vertex" function, so when we add new vertex hitfilm automatically move new vertex to a position which path stays intact at the other frames or tweened correctly.

Thank you all the developers of hitfilm


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    @refx I slightly edited your title (Hope I captured your thoughts correctly) to put into the format that makes it easier for the devs to notice, but in the back of my mind I think this may already be a request. Not quite sure. I may have just read a thread where it was being discussed, but I think it was more about the point in the frames before it was created.