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Hello, I shot an action clip for a webseries and got all the shots I wanted, however the location wasn't the one we need to film at and we need to replace most of the building in the background.  I am looking for help because I jsut am clueless on multiple points of tracking and have tried for weeks to get it down.  Anyone out there who is pretty good at this????


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    Can you add an example shot so we can get a good idea of what you need? We might be able to off advice, or at least judge "feeling up to"  the challenge. 

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    There is a little more to the video's start, but it is of the characters walking from the building towards that spot.

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    It's doable--except for the single low angle shot where it's just the agent, sky and a streetlamp all the shots have enough planar data for mocha to track.

    I don't know if you're under a time deadline--I know I'm boked pretty solid in October, so I'd not be able to jump on this anytime in the next few weeks, but maybe someone else is available.

    In the meantime, if you want to keep plugging away yourself 9whaile hoping for help) let me link a few tutorials here. Mocha is a strange beast, and most Mocha users have weeks (or months) of frustration before that "Eureka!" moment.

    Imagineer's Intro to Mocha Hitfilm Tutorial:

    Imagineer's "Aligning World" for Mocha Hitfilm Tutorial (an important one):

    The master list of Imagineer's Mocha Tutorials is here: http://www.imagineersystems.com/videos?tagFilter=3D+Camera+Solve+Module&sortBy=Newest

    Simon Jones' Creating a 3D City Tutorial (not, he used PFTrack, but the base principles apply if using Mocha Hitfilm:

    And there's a master list with links to (most of) the available Hitfilm Tutorials (including Mocha) as the first post of this thread: http://hitfilm.com/forum/discussion/comment/38856/#Comment_38856

    If you've been trying your own mocha tracks a couple of key points to remember are: First, Mocha wants a LARGE tracking SPLINE (are mocha looks at for movement) and a small tracking SURFACE (the plane you're telling mocha is an object location.). Second--be aware of trying to track two co-planer surfaces at the same time--for example, you don't want to do two tracks of the same ground plane--the ground is all a single plane, and if you do two tracks you're telling Mocha that is it's two objects and confusing it. Those two tips seems to cover about 70% of user issues when learning Mocha.

    Good luck!

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     The footage is for the last scene of Season One of a webseries that I am doing.  So the footage isn't needed until November.  The series is going to be aired on a variety show on Bouncetv, nonprofit and all production is out of pocket. 

    I am pretty much the entire production team, so I am juggling so much, as well as finishing filming and editing 6 other episodes before this one, so I don't have a lot of time for working on the footage. 

    We do have an imdb page for credit as well:


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    Some of the shots with buildings have at least two planes and easily trackable, though there are a few, such as at 0:08 that don't and might be an issue.

    Also, theres going to be some fun roto work involved, especially near the beginning with the gals hair blowing in the wind with a building behind it.

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     Just need the buildings in the background not recognizable as the location where we filmed


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     We will be giving imdb credit for work as well as a signed poster from the show (includes Stephen Manley from Star Trek 3, Barry Fitzgerald, Scott Tepperman, Paul Bradford of Syfy's Ghost Hunters International, and Marlon Lewis from Steven Seagal's Force of Execution) and a little bit of cash as well for the time and effort.  Also a chance to do more work in the future.  

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