[ENHANCEMENT] Import PSD files into Hitfilm

premiere_studios Posts: 132 Enthusiast

Some After Effects Project files from a tutorial sometimes contain Photoshop Image Sequences and it is a pain to convert these to say png's because some are just too large for an online conversion, a solution would be import options for Photoshop files


  • Andersen01498
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    If Imerge is finally getting psd support its time for Hitfiilm to do the same. I also want Illustrator vector elements supported too

  • mabdelbary
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    edited July 2021

    I suggest also to have the ability to import the psd files or project files from other software like After Effects projects for example, this importing will be with the project files' set of layers and effects.

    The effects will be from another program so we need a convertor or something similar in HitFilm pro to translate these effects and layers to be functional and modifiable in HitFilm pro.