[FEATURE] Script/Expressions engine for Hitfilm.

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Scripting, ala After Effects, Blender, Vegas Pro, etc can add a ridiculous amount of power.

Most extant engines are Python or Javascript based, of course, so an extant language can serve as the basis.

I'd guess a script engine would end up as a "Pro-Only" feature.

Expressions (ala After Effects) are included here as Expressions are scripts, right? Just small, short scripts written directly to a Layer, but they're scripts.


  • spydurhank
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    I don't even care what language it is in... just add it and get the hell outta the damned way and watch me go! :)

  • mabdelbary
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    I suggest also to have another option with the expressions is adding behaviors to the modifier itself which is in the effect (ready made presets).

    For example, in After Effects we can add wiggle expression to the brightness which makes the layer flickers but we have to set the values ourselves, on the other hand, if there was a possibility to add to this expression ready made presets (like behaviors), I guess it will be easier to control them and get results faster especially with people who are not much into scripting.


  • Triem23
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    @mabdelbary amusingly your specific example - a preset expression to flicker brightness - in Hitfilm has an effect, "Flicker," to flicker brightness of a layer.

    When a see an Ae tutorial start typing a wiggle expression for camera shake I smile because Hitfilm has... A SHAKE effect!

    Hitfilm actually has specific effects or behaviors for a lot of common uses of expressions in Ae.

    Off topic, but last week ActionVFX did a tutorial on creating light wrap in Ae with masks, blurs, blend modes and multiple layers and I'm thinking "Ae hasn't added a light wrap effect yet?"

    But, yes, you have a rather good suggestion here, just not the best example. 👍

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    @Triem23 Thanks for your feedback Triem, I chose an example just to explain my suggestion in an easier way just to deliver my point.

    However, I know that shake and flicker are already there, I was just explaining the methodology, not necessarily the effect or the example itself.

    What I was trying to say, each modifier in the layer properties could have several effects or presets instead of expressions, these effects or behaviors act like expressions but in an easier controlled and more efficient way.

    For example. in the scale property of the layer, I can add a behavior or an effect that fits the purpose of the scale property itself instead of adding different expressions, thus, when I choose shake effect (wiggle), it just controls the scale but I modify it as an effect not expression (easier way).

    These effects or behaviors function the same way like regular effects and possibly we can add several effects on this property to have more control instead of going through scripting and expressions.

    Also, we can add loop, Ping-Pong, or anything around this concept for the keyframes as well within the effects or behaviors controls.

    Thanks again for the follow-up and sharing 👍️