Glow effect only on particles

Hello everybody,

Ive been looking by myself and through this forum for the solution, in vain ...

There is an objet im making disappear in particles, using the majahr technique from text to particles (i just replace the text by an object).

Therefore, to obtain a better visual, i want to add the glow effect only on the atomic particle layer, but it is applied also to the object ...

Ive tried to use the grade by putting it above the atomic particle layer and, but that didn't work, the glow affect on the object and the particles ...

Thanx in advance for your help !


  • SimonKJones
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    If you apply the glow to the layer containing the atomic particles then it should only affect that layer. However, if you add a glow to a grade layer it will affect all the layers beneath, as that's what grade layers are specifically intended to do.

  • foleyproduction
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    Thanx for your replies, Simon, the thing is the object and the atomic particle are the same layer, so if i add the glow effect, it will affect particles and the object. 

    Tooshka, how do you comp the atomic particles all by itself please ? What i do is creating a first comp shot to import the object, then a second comp shot (object + atomic particle) where i import my first "comp shot object" and add the atomic particle to it, to create the particle effect. Then i create a new comp shots for the color gradient in black and white, another one for the invert effect. After it, i import these 2 last comp shots to my "object + atomic particle comp shot" and add them to the select layers in the atomic particle layer options (fractal and size) to get the "fade out" effect.

    Ive joined the Majahr's tutorial so you can see how he proceeds.


  • MichaelJames
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    Wouldn't that be a great addition.  Drop effects directly on to particle sims.

  • FingerPeopleMovies
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    @MichaelJames I agree! You should add that to the feature request list, if it's not there already. I usually place the particle simulator into its own comp shot to grade it, which works in many cases.

  • Triem23
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    Because Atomic transforms the input layer into a 3D particle grid, it's not reall possible to seperate the glow from the atomic particles. A couple of other people have made suggestions involving embeded composite shots. I'm going to suggest a different tactic.

    Basically copy your object/Atomic layer--since you're using Majahr's technique, I assume you have a gradient or other layer acting as a control map for opacity and/or size, corect? So, one copy has no glow, one copy has glow. Put the copy with glow on top. You should be able to tweak your control maps as in Majahr's tutorial so you're wiping offscreen the non-glow copy as the version with the glow wipes on.

    It's brute-force, and inelegant, but it will work.

    Side Note: While you can't directly put effects on a particle sim layer in Hitfilm (yet?), take a look at the "3D Unrolled" compositing mode for any embedded particle shots. "3D Unrolled" keeps the 3D positioning of the particles within the main comp's "world" (Instead of flattening everything to a 2D display layer), but you'll be able to add effects on top of the composite. "3D Unrolled" is a great compositing mode for embedded particle systems. :-)

  • foleyproduction
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    Thanx triem23 for these advices, i will try it and tell you how it went. Since im a beginner, there is a lot of hitfilm's aspects i don't control and understand yet, like the 3d unrolled ...

  • foleyproduction
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    Hey there,

    I found a way to add glow only to particles finally, ive followed the technique explained by triem23 but not totally because i didn't completely get it lol

    Ive found the solution by watching another tutorial from majahr (faded text) and at the end he shows how to apply a gleam/glow effect on a text from left to right while it does not affect the whole text at one time.

    This is how i proceed :

    I duplicate the media layer containing the atomic particle, one has glow, one hasn't.

    I use a mask on the layer with glow to keep only the particles part, going down while the subject disapear.

    It is explained in the majahr tutorial from 6.43, hope this will help someone who is looking for a similar effect !