[ENHANCEMENT] Make all of Hitfilm Pro's Behavior and Animation Effects into Add-ons for Express.

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An additional module for working with titles and animated texts, containing many pre-defined behaviors (as in Apple's Motion) and ready-to-use presets (as in AE), with script extension options to create custom animations.

It would be a GREAT time saver.



  • Triem23
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    @MestroDigital Hitfilm Pro already dozens of Animation and Behavior presets available for text. These tools have sliders for adjustment of the animations.

    Hitfilm has no scripting tools, so any kind of scripting for Hitfilm is really a different Feature Request.

    Anyways, I've rewritten you headline a bit since there's some "Hitfilm Pro Already Does This, but Express Doesn't" to the request.

    It's possible that the reason the Behaviors and Animation effects are not available in Express is to keep that as a "Pro-Exclusive" feature. There aren't TOO many of those, and FXhome does need some things to truly differentiate Pro from Express.

    But I voted up!