A Question On Exporting

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So I have cut a 1 hour & 48 minute video into 20 minute segments, ok? Basically set the Slice line to 20 minutes, slice, add to export queue, remove from timeline, drag clip to start, slice again, etc.

So I get to the final part of the video, and I add a blank screen, some text, and a sound effect. ..But it won't add to export queue TOGETHER. Instead, it acts like each item I added is a separate thing to be exported. Basically, the export queue shows a 28 minute video, then a separate 30 second audio clip, then a separate 30 second blank screen with text.

And I'm worried of just exporting the whole thing because the 'project' has about 1 hour of nothing behind the 28 minutes of video. I'm worried that will render in as just dead air.

So the question is; how do I export the 28 minutes of video, plus the text/blank screen/audio I added? Or how do I cut down the 1 hour of nothing after the end of the video? It's not blank video or anything, it's just empty timeline.