Where do i put the Film Riot Energy: VFX 30 Assets files at in the install dir?

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where do i put the Film Riot Energy: VFX 30 Assets files at in the install dir?

The only discussion I found was from 2017 and the dir does not exist in the newest version?

These files are mp4 files and I did a search in the install dir but I guess there are not any mp4 files in the base install.

Just getting back into doing this. :-)


  • tddavis
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    @Relyfubar I don't think these are to be installed. You store them where ever you have your media files and import them into a project as you need them. As far as I know, there aren't any MP4's in Pro or Express as part of the program. They are just import as needed. Hope this helps you out.

  • Triem23
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    As @tddavis says, put them anywhere you want. They're just media files like any camera or screen capture file you might import.

  • MarkC369
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    I´m a bit like the OP in not really knowing where to start with these "assets". I see that they are just clips and I understand that they can just be stored alongside all my other video clips in an assets folder ready for use at any time.

    But I have just started looking at video editing, and took up the Spring offer as it added a few features that I thought I might need. I have been working through them bit by bit and trying to learn features and functionality as I go.

    @Relyfubar When you say "They are just imported as needed", would it be possible to point me (us) in the direction of some (really simple) examples of how they might be used in either the manual or a tutorial? That would be a great help.

    Of course I am impressed by the many tutorials you already have (for those budding Spielberg's out there), but at this stage of the game some really basic help (hand-holding) would assist in pointing us noobs in the right direction. 😄👍️

    PS. A suggestion might be to add a little readme to the zip file giving basic usage instructions and a link to some example uses...Just my thoughts.

    Many thanks,