Another "Hitfilm is eating up my drive space" kind of problem, how can I fix it?

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What the title says. I only use Hitfilm Express to create personal compilations of videos (that means, I cut the parts I like from certain videos, usually funny fragments from YouTubers I follow, it's a hobby thing), most of these are about 60 min long (and I try to do one yearly or so). I'm used to it slowly eating up space (let's say, sometimes up to 8 gb, who knows what is it doing with 8 gbs, the entire source videos sizes about 2-3 gb in total, but anyway, guess it's cache stuff or something).

Now, here's the problem, my last compilation is about 2 hs duration, and I decided to split it into 3 videos. Now, when I export it, just 20% or so already takes about 10 GB, and it's actually exporting to my D drive (110 free GB). The thing is, it is taking space only from my C one with less than 16 GB. In short, I have no 50 or so GB to share with the software .-.

In addition to this, I have 16 GB ram and a 1070 (in case it helps find a fix) and I also have another external hard drive with about 500 free GB, and that being said, the final size of the videos usually are less than 3 GB too. I'm considering changing software or maybe try installing it in the D drive (still stupid for me, the software has options to set up directories, everything regarding exports is set to D drive, is there something I'm missing?)

At least would like it to use 50 or 500 GB temporally but from my external drive, not the C one where the OS is located, wanna take 10 times more time, sure no prob, cause that way I can at least have it exported, in the end still better than nothing. Thanks in advance people, hope you anyone can help me or point me up in the right direction on how to fix this hm


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    I recently identified that Hitfilm was storing large proxy files. I believe you can change the location these are stored. But be warned moving them away from the computers internal storage may cause playback issues is your network or usb is not fast enough.

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    Do you maybe know where are the options to change it? Cause I've seen many directory/path related ones but none of them actually labeled under "proxy" (maybe I'm just a bit blind). When it comes to moving things from one place to another, I have the external one and also a local D one too (not the SSD with the OS but still something directly connected to the PC). For me it's a matter of space rather than productivity, Hitfilm is basically demanding me too much, about 60+ GB to render 40 min things, something I can't do within my SSD at least, and I cannot find the correct options when it comes to moving stuff to the other drives :|

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    @Andy001z @NikoBXD I think Andy meant "Pre-Render" files. Eariler versions of Hitfilm incorrectly called "pre-renders" "Proxies."

    Bear in mind that one can move all of the cache files and pre-render directories to non-OS drives, but, the bottome line is a certain amount of cache and drive space is ALWAYS going to be on your OS drive because of how Windows works. THere may be memory paging files, etc, etc and Windows Caches. There's nothing FXhome can do to get around this because it's just how the WIndows Operating System works. (If you've installed the Hitfilm software to, say, your D:, if you poke in the file system you'll find a lot of Hitfilm data on C:. Again, this is how Windows works.

    In the File menu at the top left of the interface, open the drop down and select "options." In the various options menus are all the folder assigments for varied cache, database and prerender directories. Again, you can customize all of these, but Hitfilm is STILL going to use space from the C: because of how Windows operates. FXhome can't change Microsoft code.

    Note that a rendered video file (especially Mp4) is highly compressed. For example, internally a 1920x1080, 30 fps video has a uncompressed data rate of 1898.44 mbps (1920x1080 pixels x32 bits for RGBA channels x 30fps) while the Youtube mp4 Preset is 16mbps. This is a compression ratio of 118.65:1. Internally, Hitfilm is shifting two orders of magnitude+ the data that's being written to the drive.

    And that's PER LAYER. Every 1920x1080 layer added to the timeline is another 1898.44mbps Hitfilm is processing.

    To be blunt, if you only have 16GB of free space on your C: then you don't have a big enough C:. The OS drive should NEVER have less free space available than twice your RAM.

    On the other hand, I think I can free up another (roughly) 16GB of space on your C: right now.

    First you have to agree to never ever use the "hibernation mode" on your computer. Hibernation writes all active memory to a hard drive file then puts the computer in low-power/sleep mode. On restart everything is read back into RAM from the hibernation file. BUT The hibernation file is reserved space on your drive that's the same size as your RAM. If you've never used hibernation 9or are willing to give it up), you can disable hibernation in the OS and free up the 16GB of drive space that's currently set aside:

    1. The first step is to run the command prompt as administrator. In Windows 10, you can do this by right clicking on the start menu and clicking "Command Prompt (Admin)"
    2. Type in "powercfg.exe /h off" without the quotes and press enter. ...
    3. Now just exit out of command prompt

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    This didn't magically fix my entire problem, but I'll accept it as an answer since you were actually pretty informative and this also helped me understand exactly what was the main issue after all, guess my "fix" would be to start deleting files in the C drive, no idea on how to do it since I'm one of those users "with no files, no software, no anything but still having free only 16 out of 223 GB", I'll probably have to dig in and delete whatever I find, maybe rests from older programs or who knows. Regarding the profiles, you're telling me the Youtube MP4 one would be the correct option due to the rate of compression? Sorry, I got confused there.

    Btw, thanks @Andy001z and @Triem23 , appreciate the help people 👍️

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