HitFilm Express - Weird connection issues...

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For some reason, even after closing HitFilm Express some kind of program services is trying to connect to the Internet on amazon web services. Security in mind, I always use Little Snitch on my Macs to know exactly hats going on with my software.

Can someone tell me what's going on with these connections, and exactly why they linger even after closing the app... I am a registered user of the app of course and have paid for activation and modules.

And the problems keeps going as name of the process changes and keeps requesting access to some kind of service. Here's a few screenshots also of what Little Snitch shows me on my Mac running Big Sur. Name changes so I get the report every few seconds. Cheers.



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    @deijmaster I'm not at all familiar with MAC systems but it does seem odd as I was under the impression that Hitfilm only checks in on the internet on start up to display the splash screen and check activation. I am going to tag in Staff at FxHome to be sure this is seen by them. @NickDevTeam Also, I edited your post a tiny bit by blurring out the IP address as I didn't know for sure if it was yours or FxHome's but thought it best to keep private regardless.

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    Hi @deijmaster ,

    I'm not familiar with the tool you're using, but I can confirm that the HitFilm process and the Activation App are separate processes, and the Activation App will require to communicate to the server as it's possible purchases etc. may take place on the store when the app is not open and we would want things to be configured correctly upon running the app the next time you run HitFilm. For this reason, the Activation App may persist in the memory after HitFilm has been closed. I hope this answer is satisfactory and explains a bit what is taking place here.