Working with Graphics

I'm trying to download images from Google Images to use for backdrops but I can't seem to get them to fill the whole HitFilm Viewer screen. Is there a particular image size I'm supposed to look for? Also, is there a way to edit the image within HitFilm?


  • tddavis
    tddavis Posts: 5,224 Expert

    @zblnootz The size of the image will depend on what settings you have used for your project/composite shot. I think the initial setting is for 1920x1080 so look for those images or bigger. Also, to varying degrees of success, you can right click on the image in the timeline and go to Transform in the pop up menu and select Fit to frame. Now, obviously the closer you are to 1920x1080 the better this upscale will look. As for Editing, it can be done in Hitfilm (I use it for all my photo editing TBH but here again it will depend on exactly what editing you are looking to do. Hope these answer your concerns and help you along.